Kenton’s teachers and story of evolution


Late 1990’s  Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening.

kundalini-1 kun1

My spontaneous kundalini awakening happened all at once. I was not prepared for it, but I did call it to me. I had been suffering from what the doctors began to call chronic fatigue. I had had a few bouts of amoebic dysentery while living abroad in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I fell very ill. I thought I was going to die. After making it back to the USA I continued to not feel well for a long period of time. The doctors diagnosed my condition as chronic fatigue. One day after living with this for over a year I decided I had to somehow get myself well. It was within a week that I had a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening.  It happened during sexual intercourse. As I climaxed I saw what looked like lightening shoot up my back. I blacked out for a few seconds. When I came to, I thought it was just a great powerful climax.  The next day everything was different. I had become full blown psychic and clairvoyant. I started to say things that I had no idea where they came from. Things I didn’t know, nor could tell the origins of these statements that were coming out of my mouth! I would have thought I was going mad except for the fact that everything I seemed to be saying was validated in a very short amount of time. The first thing which happened the next day was I told my partner that her brother was having an affair. As it left my mouth I told her I had no idea where that came from. Within 48 hours my partners’ sister in law called her and said she thought her husband was having an affair! That was the start of much, much more. It started happening every day, multiple times a day.  Little did I know this would be one of the main tools on my cosmic tool belt!

As this was happening, it scared and chased away some of the people out of my life. A true change of this magnitude is difficult for many to handle. Was I to not change and keep the status quo? I was to change and allow my life reshape its’ self as needed.

I was lucky that my family was supportive of the change happening to me. It was very intense and at moments very scary as I felt the old being ripped away.

Kundalini would become one of my most powerful teachers of all time.  Approximately 20 years later it still moves through me with its own intelligence. Sometimes knocking me down as I assimilate it. Kundalini is a very powerful force that prepares the individual to embody a higher vibration, a more refined version of their Sacred Essence. People, such as healers, therapist, body workers, writers who have had Kundalini as part of their experience, tend to be able to bring a much greater dynamic to their work than those who have not.


At this time my first teacher began to appear. THOTH. For about two years Thoth would appear on a regular basis. Usually in the evenings. There was always great energy present when he would appear. Often the experience felt like a “bubble” of energy around me whilst the teachings occurred. Thoth’s “voice”, I’m going to call it his voice but it was not a sound heard by the ear, but one that echoed through my being. It was a direct form of communication that included clairaudience. A deep understanding of what was being communicated and hyper personalized.  Like when a powerful, spiritual teaching one is receiving, on the physical plane, and it seems as if the message is being channeled from on high directly into your core. Hitting the particular cords that resonate deeply and profoundly within the depths of you.

His voice and energy feels like a very powerful, serious, yet extremely loving father energy. Perhaps the most profound energy I’ve ever experienced. Thoth carries a distinct aura of timeless wisdom that literally oozes from his consciousness. What I’m trying to convey cannot be matched or paralleled by mere mortals. I know this statement may sound “canned”, or exaggerated, but I assure you it is not.

One of the first things Thoth began to teach me was how to work with the chakras. This happened simultaneously while I was taking a beginners’ class at a psychic institute which just so happened to be across the street from where I was living in San Raphael, Northern California, just north of San Francisco.

It was a very basic 6-week course, an introduction to the human energy field. So I would get my homework and do it over the week. Thoth started to teach me the next weeks’ lesson before the class would meet. I’d show up, share my experience of the homework then start to go into the next weeks’ lesson as if I had already attended the class and the teacher would stop me and say. “kenton, that’s what we are going to talk about this week, let me teach it”. Or something to that effect. He soon was amused by what was happening with me. I assumed everyone was having the same experience that I was. I don’t know why I thought so, but I did. I remember at the end of the 6 weeks I was startled to learn that others hadn’t had these profound experiences that I had.

They referred to themselves at the psychic institute as psychic kindergarten. I needed at least grade school it seemed.


In that short amount of time I not only learned about the most basic function of the chakras I was able to see, clairvoyantly, these new energy centers, but I also learned, or perhaps better put “remembered”, through the teachings with Thoth, that I could heal, move, correct, alter, clear, transform these energies to assist the person in many different ways. This wisdom seemed more like a remembrance than a new learning. I now know that I had been practicing these “gifts” for many lifetimes. Sometimes as a priest, monk, healer, magician, wizard and on… Some powerful past life memories began to flood in.

This was the beginning of my emergence as a healer. In a very short amount of time I had people coming to me for healing and spiritual work.

I found right away I could do it over the phone, long distance. I was almost better long distance than in person. It was as if the clients’ personality got in the way more when in person, than doing it remotely.

The next two years was a bit of a roller coaster. I was integrating that which was coming through mostly from the teachings of Thoth. I was attempting to balance and ground the kundalini energies that continued to run unbridled through my physical and non-physical bodies. During this time often I would get a download of information.  These downloads were spiritual/ metaphysical teachings. Often the download would come and I’d then be guided to the local metaphysical bookstore. I’d be guided to a particular book, without knowing what the book was or about, I’d open the book to the exact page that would explain the download I got, often just a few hours before.  This happened a lot during that period. Looking back now I feel that it was an experience in learning to trust the process as much as learning the wisdom.  I was no longer in Kansas. I was being guided in very powerful ways.

There were a few incredible healers and spiritual channels that I went to during this time. Some amazing experiences that, well, sound so unbelievable that I won’t even begin to try to explain or share them here.

I was having experiences that showed me how the world we live in, this world that we call reality, it’s not nearly as solid or rigid or as linear as we’ve been taught.

Experiences with time were happening often. I’d notice that time seemed to flow through me in a way that I’d not experienced before. It seemed to “accommodate” me more often than not. I could get places by traditional means of transportation faster than what was seemingly possible. Time is not rigid or as fixed as we’ve been told. It truly depends on one’s belief system and the frequencies one is operating in.

Shortly after this period, the next phase of my evolution, years 2000-2002, I went to study with Barbara Brennen in Miami. I was very interested in learning more about the human energy field and healing. Barbara was considered the best. I only attended the first year of her 4-year program. While the teachings were incredible I found that this was not my path. It was much more of a mental approach. The wisdom I had been learning from Thoth had more of a magical quality to it.  BB’s work was more of a scientific mindset that seemed to be in conflict with what wanted to come through me in an organically, more natural flow. I found myself not able to even comprehend the material at a certain point. I didn’t belong there.

This was a bit of a painful departure, for I felt a little like a failure, as if I was not smart enough to “get it”. I know now that it just was not my path. I still refer to aspects of the BB work. Her book, Hands of Light, I still consider to be one of the best books about healing and understanding of the human energy field.   I often use some of her structures while working with clients. Such as the different layers of the Auric Field as well as some of the psychological aspects of the different energy centers (chakras).

UPDATE:  Barbara Brennen’s latest book core light healing is an awesome book. I highly recommend this to those who are ready for it!


Shortly after my departure from BB’s school I attend a series of Carolyn Myss’s 3 day seminars.  I believe there were three different seminars that I flew in to Saint Louis, MI to attend. Carolyn is a very dynamic teacher. By the 2nd day of each seminar, one had the experience that she was speaking directly to you, as if she was answering the unspoken conceptual questions that were forming in you. It was magical. A lot of her work is around archetypes. I learned a lot from Carolyn.  I found that for a week or two after each of these seminars, there was a sort of magical, miracle energy around me and lots of “Divine Synchronicity” taking place. Really awesome.  I kind of had a crush on her I think because of this. It is very attractive when someone is in their true power. I highly recommend her work to anyone!

After this time, I fell into a little bit of an asleep period. It was as if I needed to back away from all the heightened energy and just be a normal human being again for a short time. This didn’t last too long as I didn’t find much fulfillment in the normal mundane existence that most people live. Once you’ve had the experience of the Divine working powerfully though you, the magical reality where creation and manifestation happens, it is very difficult to live in anything less for very long. Flat land becomes very boring! Some of my choices kept me asleep maybe a little longer than I had wanted. This also was an important time of learning and developing wisdom and discernment. Sometimes we need the contrast to remind us!

So after a few short-lived relationship choices that left me feeling pretty empty, I ended up in Sedona, az. Mother Sedona became my next and forever love! I moved to Sedona in 2002 after a short stint in Hawaii, where nothing was working.  At every turn there was a road block. I left because I knew I had to get out. I picked Arizona. I didn’t know it was going to be Sedona till the day I drove into the red rocks it’s so famous for.

Shortly after moving to Sedona, I met Sharon. Sharon and I stayed together for 7 yrs.  Sharon introduced me to the Abraham-Hicks material. I began to learn about the Law of Attraction.

I’d listen to at least an hour a day, sometimes more. I was forced to let go of some beliefs I held about healing and the nature of reality to let it in. It took about two years for me to begin seeing the results and then things really took off!

I had begun to build a great healing /coaching practice in Sedona with clients from all over the country as well as a few from abroad. I was working many hours a day, doing not only what I loved but also my true Soul’s expression.

This LOA stuff really, really works! Before I learned and employed the LOA material there was a lot of energy, time and resources that went into attracting clients. Many seminars, healing/ psychic fairs around the country. Lots of energy for little results. Once I was truly practicing the LOA, all of that changed. Little effort with maximum results.

Many people who attempt to employee the law of attraction material and do not have success with it, tend to not fully understand the fundamentals, then they think it doesn’t really work. It is a LAW. It is always in action.  Learning the LOA material was one of the most powerful learning experiences of my life!

ALAN COHEN   alan_cohen

It was shortly after that I found Alan Cohen. Alan is a true Spiritual Master in my book.  I entered into a mentor-ship program with Alan in the year 2005. I’d have to say that besides the LOA material, Alan had been a huge positive influence on me. His teachings have stayed with me for years and continue to deepen my experience over and over again. Some of the seemingly very basic wisdom that Alan had shared keep coming back with more and more gems to harvest. One of my favorites is the self-asking question. “how good are you willing to stand it?”. This is something you can ask over and over again and again. There is always more good you can let into your life. Another great piece of wisdom Alan shared is that there is no private good. What is truly good for you is good for all. This is another gem that can be expanded on over and over. Alan’s foundation is The Course in Miracles.  It is a truly amazing experience to be in the presence of a true master like Alan. I had the experience that this must be similar to first hand presence/ experience of sitting with someone like Christ. I mentioned this to Alan once and he just turned it around back to me by saying “ you spot it, you got it!”


Other teachers have been Drunvalo Melchizedek’s books the Ancient Secret to the Flower Of Life Books. My copies became dog-eared due to use. I’ve run into Drunvalo a few times here in Sedona. He lives here. Thoth was Drunvalo’s guide as well. Of course the merkaba meditation and other aspects of his work are still with me.

I’ve worked a number of times now with the Kundalini of the Planet which Drunvalo speaks about in his book Serpent Of Light.  This is the planet’s own energies of transformation that are ever more active as we move as a whole into the higher dimensional frequencies.

The Keys of Enoch -The book of knowledge, has also been a powerful teacher for me. Those who know it, know that it is very dense and can only be taken in very slowly. These are difficult books to obtain as they only print a small number per year. This book wasn’t so much written; it was given to a man by the name of J.J. Hurtak after fasting for a month and taken into the cosmos. (or something like that, don’t quote me on this!)

After building a great practice I thought it was time to try something bigger. I wanted to work with an organization, with a company. I had the feeling that I could help a whole group of individuals and at the same time improve the bottom line.


About 6 months after I set this intention a large home builder from the Midwest found me here in Sedona and within a few months I was working with him and his company full time. This was a great adventure and learning experience.  It took me to different places as well, lots of traveling. I’d assist in human development within the organization. I’d help clear the land energetically before they would build. I’d assist with the sales team. Often they could track a spike in sales when I was in town working with the team. My great-grandfather was a Christian Scientist. I never knew him in the flesh but he shows up often, in spirit, when I’m working. He worked for a large rubber tire company way back in the day. Basically he’d “pray” over the business. They could always track an increase in revenue when he was doing this.  So I think this is somewhat of a family/ inherited trait.

I was working 40-50 high energy hours per week for the next 4-5 years. I was very successful in making a living and doing good work, but my health started to suffer. I was working way too much and not enough down time to charge my batteries. I became addicted to the money and lifestyle. I was burned out bad by 2011.  I needed time off. It took 4-5 years to reconfigure my energy into something that is now sustainable. I still watch stress and tension levels in my system. These are the things that bring me down the fastest now.

Hard work, all work with not enough play are recipes for disaster. My well-being has been a very powerful teacher and continues to be.

One thing I’ve learned is that anything, I mean anything, can be healed. However, no one gets out of here alive. So not everything is meant to be healed.  This is a lesson, life as a healer, has taught me.

You can help someone heal from a terminal, life threatening illness. You can be successful to the point that all medical testing proves the illness is gone. When it is time to go, it is time to go, and the individual will create something else for an exit plan. We cannot stop death. Yet. These are the lower soul level programming. Maybe we are getting ready to move beyond these limiting patterns. Maybe not. To be seen.

I do feel that humans can learn to live much longer than our current 75-100  year life span the majority of the population is programmed at.  I also believe deep heart work can have a significant benefit on our life span. From what I see as a healer, it is the accumulation of pain, trauma, stress and a general heaviness of the heart that has much to do with our limited life spans. The heart space, this is not just the physical heart, but the multi-dimensional aspect of the essential heart, gets “tired” of the harsh-ness of the human experience. Much of this can be “healed” and released.

To be continued …