What Is Kundalini ?


Kundalini is a dormant energy that resides at the base of the spine. It is everyone. This is the ultimate energy of transformation available on this Planet at this time.

A Kundalini Specific Awakening is very different from other spiritual “pathways”. The Kundalini energy lays dormant at the base of the spine until activated intentionally through yoga and/or meditation or unintentionally through, near death experiences and other intense personal experiences that may include sexual activities, or other heightened physical states of consciousness.



Kundalini has its’ own intelligence. Some people become confused about Kundalini, thinking they are having a Kundalini experience  when in fact, something different is happening.  A full Kundalini Specific Awakening , in most cases, requires the individual to work with the energies for years to fully integrate and assimilate the transformative qualities and gifts that come with the experience.

The Kundalini Specific Awakening can be and often is very intense, including bouts of physical pain, emotional discomfort, polarized feelings of great joy/ love and sadness and depression. These “mood swings”  are the Kundalini Energies cleansing the different Chakras and Layers of the Auric and Emotional/Mental/ Astral/ Energetic / Spiritual Bodies. This process is known to last from a few months to 20 or more years. Usually the more deeply the awakening, the longer the process. Some will stop or block the process because they are not fully prepared to face the cleansing. This of course can create new problems rather than allowing the process to continue on its’ natural path.

My personal process has been going on for about 20 years now, it has become much more manageable over time. When I say manageable mostly what I’m referring to is the ability to move through the physical, day to day, life we have… and be able to be immersed in the Spiritual Awakening!


The Gifts, Wisdom, Insights, Tools  and much more I’ve received is far greater than anything one could possibly understand unless they also undergo the Transformation of Kundalini.

Because of the Kundalini Awakening, I’m Clairvoyant, Psychic, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairempathic. I’m able to Channel Higher Source Information as well as Healing Energies to assist myself or others in deep healing. These “gifts” or abilities are just the tip of the “iceberg” , what is most valuable in my opinion, is the deep understanding of my/ our place in the cosmos. The meaning of Life becomes the greatest kaleidoscope imaginable, and my deep personal understanding through the direct experience is beyond compare.

Kundalini is a Hindi term from India, referring to the Coiled Serpent. In many depections of Kundalini, a serpent, or snake like figure is coiled around the base of the spine three and a half times.  As the Serpent rises, so does the energies~




Years of personal experience and working with others having the Kundalini experience has taught me that there is a lot of misinformation out there on the topic.  Often those who are experiencing a Kundalini Awakening in our culture are not fully “given permission” to allow and have the experience. Where as in India, it is an acceptable experience that is looked upon with reverence and honor. In the West it is often not understood. I believe part of this reason is due to the absence of Mysticism within our culture. I believe this absence goes back many hundred years to a time when the Church saw Mysticism as a threat, something they could not control, and did away with the Mysticism that was part of the Original Christianity.

Kundalini Is Defiantly , In Part, A Mystical Experience!

So to really even begin to understand the totality of kundalini and the experience, one must first stand in a reality of the Mystic. In my experience, this is where the deep devotion to the Cosmic Love or God Love/ God Realization begins. We find experiences like this associated with the Gurus of the East. We really don’t find this much in the west which is very sad and disappointing, especially for those feeling alone and isolated in the experience.

If you are in the midst of a Kundalini Specific Awakening, may you awaken with Grace and Love ! Know that the Universe and Cosmos support you and that you are being blessed with a gift that is beyond compare!



The kundalini Energy Serpent rising in the above illustration. Notice that there are three main channels. IDA NADI. PINGALA NADI. SUSHUMNA NADI.

Left channel (ida nadi)

The left channel (female aspect) corresponds to our past, emotions and desires. Its pure state represents the qualities of deep joy, love, compassion, music and art. However, we are prone to left side problems such as emotional attachments, depression, guilt

Right channel (pingala nadi)

The right channel (male aspect) corresponds to our actions and planning. However, we are prone to right side problems such as egoistic behavior, arrogance, pride, anger (violence) and hatred.

Central channel (sushumna nadi)

The Central Channel is the balance of the other two channels. The central channel is the channel of ascent, it is the power which sustains our evolution and guides us, consciously or unconsciously, towards the higher awareness.

These are about balancing the male/ female or moon/ sun aspects of the energy being. While these Nadis or channels are depicted here as very defined, my experience is that often the energies are moving in less defined ways. The Kundalini Serpent of energy can rise in many different ways and often can rise diffused through the torso.



This is an artist interpretation of an enlightened being who has undergone, for the most part, the complete transformation and is experiencing their self as LIGHT.

             Serpent Of Transformation


Oh, winged Serpent! Fly me high and higher, till I know thy Self!

Swiftly, not so ever gently, the Serpent begins its journey.

Transforming, painfully, joyfully, center by center…

Burning through the layers of dense gathering that took place over mundanes’ eternity.

Nor’ order in its accent… Climbing, slithering through the dark recesses of experiences and memories gone past… releasing emotional debris, casting treasures into the fire.. Burn, burn and burning….the vicissitudes of lives gone by.

Through the celluloid, frame by frame, meaning goes up in smoke, stories shattered into a million pieces…

 Deeper and deeper the descent into to unholy of the dark underbelly of all existence for what seems of all eternity… the deeds, the lives, the vows, the deaths, the victories all pale as the fire slithers its way through that which has already happened… again and again.

 Spirit’s mirror shattering into a trillion pieces, GOD reconciling its self within me…

 Universe and cosmos smashing like fall pumpkins past hollow’s eve. Pieces of sanity and knowing dissolve into a higher order of consciousness, genius take on a new meaning, a new suspicious world begins to emerge….

Oh, winged Serpent! Fly me high and higher, till I know thy Self!

 I can now see the truth… the serpent is a friend, not foe. Sight becomes expanded, that which was unseeing is now known. The truth is out. There is but ONE HERE…

Worlds of brick and mortar take on an eerie suspect, truth is not what it was…

Worlds only reflections of creations gone by. Life is Death, disappearing into the lie.   The program continues without me.. fractal after fractal, spinning story, building reality, weaving yarns over and over

Dense. Can’t they see what they do?

 No thought or awareness to the choices they make. Reproducing fodder for the machine. Keeps going and making stories. Boring now for the serpent has entered my mind. Shaking that illusion free for me setting into the stark, wonderfully bone chilling ecstasy of new worlds, set free from the machine, I can now see that which was not seen before.

Choosing new patterns, new frequencies, mindful to create with the Architect at my side, wholeness, meaning restored in new worlds abounding. It never ends. There is no heaven or hell, no Christ without, no Judas, no Buddha outside of the mind, the self.

Oh, winged Serpent! Fly me high and higher, till I know thy Self!

New Peace settles, fear now seeing for what is truly is. FALSE. Only LOVE. Programs run without the virus. Cleansed like a doe on a bright fresh spring day. Innocence restored again.  Baptized in the fires of truth and freedom. Love is real. Flesh is but the temporary garment of the gullible tourist, visa in hand forgetting that he bought the E ticket, all inclusive package.

          Adventure awaits in new worlds. Will I remember? Will I forget again? Does it matter?

            Oh, winged Serpent! Fly me high and higher, till I know thy Self!

 I see the choice is now mine. I was the creator of the ride. I was the participant, the designer, the design. New fractals emanating from the desire. To know. To love. To learn. To experience.

 Serpents with wings, promises for better worlds, spun from the greater truth. Designer not to forget thou is Creator. Perfection. Cosmic joke…. Or riddle?    Saddle up! A ride through the Cosmos again is too strong to ignore.  Must get lost to be found again.

             Oh, winged Serpent! Fly me high and higher, till I know thy Self!