Kenton Testimonials



I heard about Kenton through a friend, and intuitively investigated and then felt guided to work with him.  I especially appreciate his direct approach and that he holds me accountable in our work together.  I have been wanting to move to a new area for a while now, and it has recently manifested and my company is paying for me to relocate!  If you really want to know yourself and are willing to do the work, Kenton can help you improve your life in countless ways.


I have been doing inner work since college, am a longtime meditator, and have worked with many groups and teachers over the years. Kenton really picks up on and reveals what is going on internally, reframes it in a positive way, and gives helpful practices to work through the issue. He is incredibly psychic and powerful yet a regular, humble guy who does not put on airs. My relationships have improved greatly since working with him and I have also attracted a new group of writing friends that have been a great blessing and source of support. I can’t recognize or recommend him enough.


I knew of Kenton through my brothers and I was curious if working with him could help me break through some blocks I was feeling. Since doing so, I feel more in touch with my essence, more confidence and less self-doubt, especially around my creativity, and I’m better able to navigate life’s ongoing changes and more easily tap into the guidance from spirit that is always there for me. Kenton is easy to talk to; I not only enjoy speaking with him but appreciate the time to open up and connect with spirit. I feel so much happier and freer in my path.


Kenton is helping me to unfold awareness of the universal Self.  He has helped me to be free of chronic pain and to let go of difficult emotional and mental patterns, many of which have been dark, frightening, or shameful. My husband recently passed away, and Kenton offered a great deal of guidance, support, and knowing as we faced the end of one life and as I am facing doorways into the next phase of my own.  With Kenton’s help I am exploring new ways to live a life based in Self.  With compassion, understanding, and acceptance, he has guided me through difficult times.  I have tremendous love and appreciation for him, for our work together, and for our friendship. 


I met Kenton at the Sacred Geometry conference in Sedona. There, in the vendors’ tent, I saw a card table with a stack of brochures, held down by a rock.  Reading one, I saw that Kenton had a near-death experience — and realized his capacities.  He wasn’t there at the time, so when I returned and saw him, I approached him and just said, “Yes.”  He wondered if I’d been referred; I said, “No.  But, Yes.”  He laughed, pulled two chairs out of the tent into the sunlight and life deepened for me.

Since working with Kenton, the processes of my body are different.  Everything has healed.  At 81, I am well and vital. I have a new language for what’s happening in the world and in my life.  I’ve always wanted to see clearly, and Kenton brings clarity to the “visible and invisible”.  He is both an ancient seer and a far-out visionary.  Gradually, with his presence, I’ve been drifting into a new reality — an actual joy.


When I met Kenton, I immediately recognized him as my psychic older brother. I was interested in exploring my own psychic gifts and guidance on my spiritual journey. Kenton has helped coach me through many things – from relocation to job changes to relationships – with presence, openness and without preset notions. He is entirely focused and dedicated to helping people improve their lives. I would encourage anyone considering working with Kenton to trust him to shake you up a little bit. His insight is always spot on and he will both challenge and support you in just the right way.


I met Kenton at a little restaurant in Sonoma and immediately had a sense that we were meant to cross paths. I was seeking more clarity, secureness and conviction and felt generally out of alignment. I was looking for a guide to help me get to the Promised Land.

Since working with Kenton, I have found more purpose and alignment with work, have a better sense of how to move through the world, quieted my monkey mind and feel more in flow more of the day. I have a deeper understanding of my talents and gifts and how to harness and apply them. I feel less attachment, have increased my ability to manage stress, recover from setbacks more quickly, navigate complex relationships more effectively and have a heightened level of consciousness.

Before working with Kenton, I felt like a shaken snow globe with all the little flakes representing the facets of my life swirling around in chaos. Since working with Kenton, all the snow has settled down and there is clarity.

If you are considering working with Kenton, know that the return on your investment will be off the charts. The work will improve your quality of life, you’ll make better business decisions and feel more aligned and alive personally, professionally and spiritually. It’s priceless.


 One of the most beautiful aspects that Kenton embraces is being able to meet me on whatever energetic level I am at in the moment. Each session is client based. Meaning, I could be at a very high energetic field one session and then lower energetic field the next. His awareness in sensing where I am, at combined with his inner guidance, is usually spot on accurate. Sessions can be filled with: laughter, direction, calling me on areas I haven’t wanted to look at, patience, encouragement, and mostly unconditional love of self and others. There is teaching mastery within each energy system. As one goes up the different levels of chakras, each ‘way of being’ expands into another. The way Kenton  facilitates this movement and opening is quite amazing.