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 If you are considering working with Kenton, know that the return on your investment will be off the charts. The work will improve your quality of life, you’ll make better decisions and feel more aligned and alive personally and professionally ~ jay

One of the most beautiful aspects that Kenton embraces is being able to meet me on whatever energetic level I am at in the moment. Each session is client based. Meaning, I could be at a very high energetic field one session and then lower energetic field the next. His awareness in sensing where I am, at combined with his inner guidance, is usually spot on accurate. Sessions can be filled with: laughter, direction, calling me on areas I haven’t wanted to look at, patience, encouragement, and mostly unconditional love of self and others. There is teaching mastery within each energy system. As one goes up the different levels of chakras, each ‘way of being’ expands into another. The way Kenton facilitates this movement and opening is quite amazing.” GIGI, Female, IL

•Click the link above for more information on the retreat.
* Click link above for more information on the Briar Patch Inn. This is the great property we will be gathering for the 5 days!







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