Sai Baba ~ Man Of Miracles


So I remember the first time I had the experience of Sai Baba’s presence and energy. I was living in Northern California at the time. More specifically I was living in Windsor, Sonoma County. About 2 hours north of San Francisco. I was in somewhat of a quiet and introspective period of my life. The year was 2002. Spring time. I had recently grabbed a little newsletter paper from a local metaphysical shop in Santa Rosa. It was morning. I was sitting on the throne reading the newsletter. There was this article about a saint in India who was known for manifesting items out of thin air. There was a picture of this guy in a long orange robe with big afro hair. As I read this article the first thing I thought was what a bunch of B.S.. Now this is not the first or last time in my life that I’ve thought this about spiritual/ metaphysical topics or persons. Sometimes I’ve been very accurate about the BS. Other times I was completely wrong.

Not more than a second or two after deciding this guy was a fake, the man in the orange robe was literally standing before me! He appeared right there in my bathroom. I spoke out load, “OK, OK.. you are real!” In shock at what had just happened.

Being a clairvoyant, medium and channel it was not unusual for me to see spiritual bodies of light, Masters, Angeles as well as deceased persons. I quickly got dressed and went to buy a book about this man. I did find two. The book that had the biggest influence on me was Sai Baba books was SAI BABA: MAN OF MIRACALES by Howard Murphet.

This book had literally brought millions of people to Sai Baba. The book is full of amazing stories of his healing abilities and manifestations.

It is only in hindsight that I can begin to understand the amazing impact Sai Baba has had on my life. I’m sure I can only see a small portion of the picture, even now.

So about two years after the first encounter with him, in my bathroom, another bathroom story with Sai Baba was about to unfold.

I had just moved to Sedona, 2004. I barely got a place to live in Sedona and signed up for a booth at the sacred geometry conference. The conference was about 5 days long if I remember correctly. So it was after the first day of the conference that I was back home getting ready for bed. I thought I’d read a little Sai Baba: Man of Miracles. Like most of the time when reading this book a palpable energy of love and grace would come over me. This night was no different. I was very tired I remember. Sai Baba is greatly known for the sacred ash that he materializes out of thin air, from the palm of his hand. The ash looks like the fireplace ash in any common wood burning fireplace. Many devotes experience the ash manifesting in their homes inside and or around the picture frames containing Sai Baba’s image.

As I was getting ready to turn out the light I asked Sai Baba to manifest this ash commonly referred to as Vibhuti. I said “Sai Baba, I believe in you very much and still would love to have the experience of Vibhuti manifested for me” These were my last thoughts as I drifted of into a deep restful sleep.

So the next day I’m back at the conference. I’ve completely forgot of the “request” I had made the night before. The day went forward with nothing extra-ordinary, well except, I was swimming in the energy of the sacred geometry conference which alone was super amazing.

So that evening I was invited up to a suite in the hotel which was the room of Star Fuentes, a powerful healer in her own right, that I became friends with. Many individuals where invited. It was a little party. I was taking to a new friend, Dr. Steven Angel. Steven and I would become friends for a number of years. So as I’m talking with Steven, he pulls out a little bindle from his shirt pocket and precedes to offer me “Vibhuti”. Now mind you I’ve completely forgotten about the whole request from the night before and not only that but I was very distracted by all the excitement of meeting all these amazing people who had the same interest that I did. So i declined the offer of the sacred ash.. stupid me!

Steven and I talked for a long time. He needed a ride to the condo he was staying at so I gave him a ride. We sat in my truck talking about Sai Baba. I still hadn’t remembered that I made this request the night before. Finally, Steven and I said goodnight after hours of conversation about Sai Baba. As I was nearing home it struck me… Oh my God!!! I was offered the Vibhuti that I had asked for! What an idiot I felt like! OMFG!!!!

I had to pee really bad when I got home. Quickly running to the bathroom. All of a sudden I had this very strange, strong, overwhelming euphoria and love energy come over me. I’m still in shock and asking Sai Baba to forgive my lack of consciousness around the whole Vibhuti offering. Just as my urine is hitting the toilet water, the water begins to turn bright rainbow colors. Blue. Yellow. Red. Purple. Green. It continues as I’m also overtaken with this amazing sense of grace and euphoria. I knew it was Sai Baba’s energy with me!

The next day I’m back at the conference. That evening I was invited to dinner by a wealthy gentleman who had a session with me earlier that day. He had also invited about 7 others. When I sat down with the others I was seated next to a woman from Luxemburg. I didn’t know anyone at the table before the conference. The woman next to me and I started talking and laughing. I can’t remember what we were talking about but we thought it was very funny. As a matter of fact, we were laughing so much that someone at the table accused us of being drunk! We laughed even more! I assure you, we didn’t have a drop of booze!

Then she turned to me and said. “I’ve some Vibhuti for you” ….

This time I was wide awake and knew that Sai Baba had once again brought it to me! I told her about my experience which she chuckled a little and began to tell me the most amazing stories about how she came to know Sai Baba and spent years with him at his ashram in India.

When the conference ended and I was home shortly after that. I had a roommate who had gone to Tucson to visit her boyfriend there. She didn’t like to drive long distances so she took a shuttle/ van. Upon her return I told her some of the experiences. She got a funny and little annoyed expression. She told me that on her ride to Tucson a woman sat next to her and said Sai Baba had sent her to talk to her. She didn’t believe the woman. I was excited to hear this of course, as if it validated my experiences even more. She then proceeded to get angry and started to accuse me of somehow orchestrating the lady on the shuttle! Wow, needless to say this was somewhat shocking and insulting to me.

Often it can be hard to believe in the miraculous! Just how I had not believed when Sai Baba first appeared before me in my bathroom. It is a good lesson to be open to the miraculous for it is the miracles that attempt to bring us back to our true nature. Our God Nature. It was around this time that Sai Baba told me that I’d be coming to India to see him. He told me in two years I would be there. This did happen. I went to the ashram in Puttaparthi, India. The place was huge. thousands of people where there every day and a whole city had been built to accommodate the throngs of devotes. Sai Baba had literally millions of devotes, I’m sure 10’s of millions maybe more. The stories are endless of healing, manifestation, transmutation and transformation. He is known to materialize gold, jewelry, watches and rare coins out of thin air. I think he actually brings them from other places. He calls it the Sai Store! While all of these amazing feats of a true Avatar are beyond what we know as reality, these are really only his calling card. As Sai Baba has said, “don’t pay too much attention to these tricks” The real gold is in the teachings.

Sai Baba continues to be part of my life to this day. May times during healing sessions with clients Sai Baba shows up to assist.

The Vibhuti that I received from the woman who lived in Luxemburg told me that she was given the Vibhuti by the royal family of Luxemburg, which Sai Baba had personally manifested for them. The Vibhuti, while really not a large amount, maybe a half a tablespoon lasted me years. I’d eat a little bit now and then as well as put some on my third eye. It seemed for the longest time that it wouldn’t run out. Eventually it did, however not my gratitude nor devotion to this Saint of Saints.

Sai Baba passed the physical realm in April 2011. I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia, visiting Angkor Wat for the third time, when Sai Baba passed. I didn’t know he had passed until two days after the fact. The day he passed he appeared at the foot of my bed in the afternoon he told me he had a gift for me. It was two days later that I read the news on the internet that Baba had passed. I still feel his presence often. He is here as I write about some of the experiences. The gift is a secret. I will not speak of it but I do feel it and acknowledge the magnitude of such a gift. I am forever grateful. There are many more stories I have of Sai Baba, as well as many I’ve heard first hand from others who’ve been blessed with his presence. But this paints a classic picture of the man of miracles. In great humility and grace, thank you Sai Baba, for all of your gifts and teachings!

Written by Kenton David Bell. May 21, 2016