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Everything is Energy…

Chakra is the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “turning”. These “chakras” are energy vortices that can be found supporting the human physical vessel. These energy centers support physical life from the non-physical or spiritual realms into the physical. These vortices when off balance, or not metabolizing fully, can create distortions in our reality. When a Chakra has been “out of balance” for some time it can and does lead to physical disease. All disease begins as an energetic imbalance which stem from something within your internal landscape needing attention. When we begin to work and honor these naturally organic systems within the body we truly begin to master our health as well as evolve into high consciousness.

1 st chakra symbol

The first Chakra.
Color: Red
Location: Base of Spine

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine. It points down towards the earth. Chakra 1 and 7 are the only chakras with only one aspect to them. Chakras 2-6 have two aspects to them. A front and back. The first Chakra reflects and metabolizes the life energies of survival, connection to our family of origin as well as our tribe. The First Chakra is also our grounding to the planet. When we experience “imbalances” in these realms, it is our Soul’s wisdom calling forth a time of growth. Instead of seeing imbalances see these as opportunities for transformation, for every physical plane imbalance, there is an aspect of our Soul ready to bring forth the wisdom, love and transformation. It is the exercising of our free will that calls this into being. It’s all yours for the asking!

Poverty Consciousness and the First Chakra
Perhaps you’ve felt a poverty consciousness throughout your life. Having or not having money has little to do with the consciousness of poverty. One can have much money and still feel broke. Here are some questions to probe the energies of Poverty in the 1st chakra.
Do you feel deserving of what you truly want?
Has your family or your tribe (cultural/societal) carried this consciousness in its linage?
Are you grounding enough of your own spiritual energy through you to manifest your own dreams and desires?
Are you open to receive that which you desire?

Spiritual Evolution and the First Chakra
How does your “security” feel when you think about manifesting the life you truly want?
So often working with clients, I’ll notice they are powerfully assisting others in the manifestation of their dreams and desires, all while putting their own dreams on the back burner. Often issues of security come up as one contemplates pursuing their dreams. You might ask yourself why? There is no ”good” reason that anyone needs to give up their own dream for the sake of another, other than to learn not to do it.
Ask and ponder these questions:
“Will I be supported in the manifestation of my dreams?”
“Will others still like and love me if I pursue my own path?”
“Do I manifest others dreams and desires, but at the cost of my own?”
“Am I willing to sacrifice my desires and dreams for that of another”?

Nothing is more powerful than a Soul on Fire…
Our familial and tribal energies often have us side on the condition of what is safe for survival of the collective VS what is needed for individual to evolve. This can hold true often to the detriment of the individual’s evolution into greater self expression. As Spiritual beings, constantly evolving, it is important for us to recognize this balance of feeling safe and secure before we can launch ourselves into the higher pursuits of spiritual evolution.
In order for you to powerfully manifest into the physical world you must be grounded into and through the root chakra. In order for us to raise families and communities that allows and supports the individual to aspire to greater expressions of the self we need to bring great awareness to our relationship within our first chakra. This awareness is the stuff that changes worlds!

“The Reward of Patience is Patience” — St. Augustine
Patience is a quality that we can find in the first chakra. In order to manifest that which we are bringing forth into the physical it requires us to have patience and stability of vision.

Questions to ask self:
Am I a patient person in general?
Do I have patience to manifest that which my Soul longs to realize?
Do I look for quick solutions, or fast “fixes” to problems or issues?
Where do your courage, fortitude and steadfastness come from?

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